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Follow The Star
Friday, December 9 performance will take place as scheduled
Check the Winter Weather Alert section below for more info.
December 2, 3, 4,  &  9, 10, 11 - 2016
About Follow the Star

Follow the Star" is a 45 minute walking tour of seven outdoor live action scenes that tell the story of the search for the Christ child.  At the entrance gate you will be given instructions of where to park and where to get free tickets; or where to go if you have reserved tickets. Your ticket will indicate the time of your scheduled tour. Until your tour, begins, you will wait indoors while you enjoy holiday music performed by local artists.

All tour groups are hosted and include 25-30 persons.  Tour groups leave approximately every 8 minutes beginning at 6:00 pm on Fridays and 5:00 pm on Saturdays and Sundays. Come dressed for the outdoor winter weather. Walking paths are paved. However, walkers and electric scooters are not permitted on the route. Those needing assistance in walking will be offered the use of a wheelchair, which are available at the event.

Gates open 1/2 hour before the first performance and close promptly at 8:30 pm or when all of the tickets are gone.

Group Tour Reservations

Special Private Group Tours are available for 10 to 30 people.
Deadline for reserving a group tours is November 30. For more details, click on the Tickets link here or on the main menu above.

Winter Weather Alert

In case of severe weather, any part of or all of the evening’s event could be cancelled. Check the Follow the Star Facebook page for the latest information. If an evening is cancelled, circumstances prohibit us from guaranteeing reservations for another evening.


Online tickets will be available Nov. 1. If all the tickets for the time you wish to attend become reserved, please note that nearly 300 tickets will be available at the door each evening, on a first come basis,  for that evening's performance.

Also, keep watching the online "ticket" reserve date sites because folks who reserve tickets often release them and those tickets become available again online. To check on ticket availability, click on the Tickets link here or in the main menu  above. Before reserving your tickets, It is important that you carefully read the "information section" contained on the ticket reserve page.

Price of Peace

Ticket Confirmation

Individuals who reserve 12 or more tickets must confirm how many tickets they intend to use  at least 24 hours but no sooner than 3 days in advance of the reserved date.

To confirm tickets, use the Group Confirm link here or in the main menu. Failure to confirm your tickets may cause your entire reservations to cancel.

Contact Us by Email

Follow the Star can only be contacted by email at  FollowTheStarInfo@Gmail.com.
Replies may be slow.